Welcome to the comic stories of Sal and ZOOM


Who are Sal and Zoom?

Sal and Zoom are a dancing couple that live a free relationship. They met at a salsa social in Atlanta, GA. Sal is a 25-year-old American blonde, blue-eyed, 5’7 ”tall. Sal studied journalism and from a young age felt a lot of interest in the cameras and music. He has worked in TV, radio and press media with a special interest in culture. Sal speaks several languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. He became interested in salsa as a teenager and took classes in Atlanta, North Carolina and Los Angeles where she learned to dance on “1”. Her interest was such that she traveled to Colombia to learn salsa with the best teachers in Cali, the capital of salsa. Sal is also very dedicated to philanthropy and social causes. Through her journalistic work she has also had the opportunity to travel to several countries in Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and even Cuba in a peace mission. There she also learned the African roots of salsa dancing, Salsa Casino and the origins of the Rumba. 

Zoom was born in Puerto Rico. He worked in a restaurant as a waiter to pay for his studies. Now he is a young professional of 30 years who studied computer business and moved to New York to study his master's degree. Zoom was raised among salsa parents who grew up with the music of Fania, Hector Lavoe, The Gran Combo, etc. Zoom is self-taught salsa. He learned watching videos online since his passion is technology. While living in NY he was very active visiting many salsa socials. There he met many salsa friend from other parts of the world. In his master's degree he also took language classes where he learned Mandarin and Russian. ZOOM always walks with its camera in hand and the latest technological gadjets such as the latest smart phones, ipads, bluetooh, etc. Zoom is a loyal user of social networks and always performs its usual “check-ins”. He captures spectacular images and videos of all his experiences on the dance floor that his friends always adore with “like.” ZOOM always dresses impeccably when he goes to the dance floor for what is considered a “classy salsa player”. Because of its Puerto Rican influence and the clubs in NY Zoom dances on"2" or mambo style. Zoom has also been interested in studying percussion and is currently taking virtual conga and “timbales” classes.